As a BOMI International student, you have the option to learn in a way that is best suited for you and your schedule. Check out the course delivery methods below to find the best path for your journey toward improving your career. A full list of BOMI's upcoming courses in all delivery methods can be found here

New Online Self-Paced:
An independent learning experience enhancing our current Self-Study delivery method by allowing you the freedom to use BOMI's eLearning resources to strengthen your grasp of key concepts. 
Learn More | View Schedule

New Live Virtual Learning:
Two 4-hour sessions per week, for 4-6 weeks. This delivery method allows you to receive the benefits of face-to-face interaction and feedback without the travel time or expenses. Engage in the course and access materials from any location. This hybrid of web-based content and live sessions gives you control of when you review the material. As such, you can fit your learning experience into your schedule and busy life. This delivery method is available for group opportunities. Learn More

Accelerated Review - Classroom:
A method that allows you to avoid having to be away from the office for an extended period of time. Courses can be completed in three to four 8-hour sessions. Learn More | View Schedule

Semester Length - Classroom:
An 8- to 15-week semester learning experience provides extensive review of material in a traditional classroom setting. Learn More | View Schedule

This delivery method allows you to review course content on your own anywhere, anytime. With Self-Study, you have the flexibility to complete the review of course content at an accelerated pace, or up to six months. Learn More | View Schedule

Instructor-Led Online: 
An online, 15-week semester learning experience where your instructor posts assignments to the Learning Portal. Simply login at your convenience each week to complete an assignment. Learn More | View Schedule

Corporate Onsite Instruction:
Go through training without having to leave the office with this convenient study method. One of our industry subject-matter expert travels to your organization to hold a course onsite, helping to cut down on training duration and costs. Learn More



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